03, 2012

The Commission on Lake Sevan Issues functioning under the President of Armenia held a meeting

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Today, the Commission on Lake Sevan Issues functioning under the President of Armenia, held a meeting which was presided over by the Chairman of the Commission Vladimir Movsissian.

In the framework of the agenda, Vladimir Movsissian presented the Commission’s Action Plan for 2012. This document, which comprises 27 points, refers to all problems pertinent to the preservation of the Lake’s natural resources, its recreation, rehabilitation, and development and contains a list of events envisaged in the current year for their resolution. The Action Plan has been approved based on the observations and proposals of the members of the Commission.

Participants of the meeting discussed also information related to the present state of the Lake, such as the water level raising pace and cleaning works at the shores of the Lake. It’s been underscored that as of January 1, 2012 the water level of Sevan reached the level of 1963 which, according to the Chairman of the Commission, is a considerable achievement. The works have been accomplished almost seven years ahead of the timetable stipulated by the Law “On the annual and compound programs for the restoration of Lake Sevan ecosystem, its preservation, recreation and utilization.”

As presented by the Chairman of the Commission on Lake Sevan issues, in the last three years, the Commission has solved issues before it according to the agreed programs and after deliberations has presented to the President of the Republic corresponding proposals which hereafter became the RA Government decisions.

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