09, 2013

President Serzh Sargsyan participated at the session of the Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in Sochi


President Serzh Sargsyan, who is in the Russian Federation on a working visit, today in Sochi participated at the session of the Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)

Before that there took place a closed meeting of the leaders of the CSTO member states where President Serzh Sargsyan made a statement.


Statement of President Serzh Sargsyan at the closed meeting of the leaders of CSTO Council


Distinguished Colleagues,

I would like to start from the words of gratitude addressed to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin for the hospitality and excellent conditions created for our work.

Armenia is approaching the issue of the further development of the Collective Security Treaty Organization – the guarantor of security for its members – from the standpoint of sovereignty and independence, enhanced defense capabilities of our states and creation of adequate mechanisms for countering existing challenges and threats.

We noted on many occasions that a further increase of the efficiency of our work and prestige of our Organizations is linked directly to the level of coordination of our foreign policy activities.

Armenia has always and completely fulfills obligations assumed in that context; we proceed from the priority of our allied relations and the principle of no damage to the system of collective security.

Overall, on this direction we have been able to reach positive results. Coordination of joint statements and declarations in multilateral fora, collective directives to the permanent representatives of the CSTO member states at the international organizations have become an established practice.

Nevertheless we believe there is still a need for a series of coordinated efforts aimed at the enhancement of interaction and for the eliminations of the failures which, unfortunately, still take place. I will give you just one example: in our documents, including the Moscow Declaration adopted last December, stressed was the importance of the exclusively peaceful resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict through the mediation of the OSCE Minsk Group based on the UN Charter, principles and norms of international law, particularly those pertinent to the non-use of force or threat to use force, equality and right of people for self-determination and territorial integrity of the states. A similar position is registered in the collective instructions. However contrary to the spirit of the decisions adopted by us, some of the member-states in other settings and in other organizations on the same issue adopt declarations which disagree with the decisions adopted in the framework of the CSTO. In recent years, adopted were documents, including at a presidential level, which at the instigation of the Azerbaijani side selectively, with prejudice to the other principles singles out the principle of territorial integrity. Understandably, many countries have their own interests related to Azerbaijan. However the adoption of the documents which are based on the interest-inspired relations is unacceptable for us when they run against the interests of the CSTO member states and the image of the Organization.

This topic is particularly pressing against the background of the Armenophobic rhetoric of the President of Azerbaijan and constant threats to use force against the peaceful population of Nagorno Karabakh.

Distinguished Colleagues,

Our Organization continues to work towards the enhancement of its relations with the UN, its specialized departments and other international organizations dealing with security issues. It is critical that the CSTO carries on with the course of establishing partnership relations for regional and global cooperation. At the same time, it would be reasonable if interaction in that area is based proportionately to the attitude manifested by these organizations towards the CSTO.

In the light of new global challenges and threats, the enhanced role of the UN for the resolution of international crises is becoming even more pressing. It’s been vividly demonstrated related to the recent developments in the Middle East region, particularly, in Syria. Armenia, as the CSTO member state which is in the closest geographic proximity to Syria, is feeling more acutely all the risks and threats to the Caucasus region under the responsibility of the CSTO.

From day one of the crisis in Syria, we have been for its most speedy resolution, based on the pan-national dialogue. With this regard, the role of the international community, especially countries neighboring Syria, should appear in supporting that dialogue, taking into consideration interests of all parties engaged in the conflict.

In this context, we definitely welcome the American-Russian understanding on the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Syria.

Distinguished Colleagues,

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate Armenia’s interest in receiving an observer status at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which plays an important role in maintaining peace, security and stability in the region. I count on your support in this issue.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank the President of Kyrgyzstan Almasbek Sharshenovich for the great job conducted by him personally and our Kyrgyz partners during its Presidency. Now the Russian Federation picks up the baton.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, we wish you and our Russian friends success and are ready for close cooperation.

Thank you.


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