09, 2015

High-level Armenian-Russian negotiations take place


During his working visit to the Russian Federation, President Serzh Sargsyan had a meeting today with RF President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

The two states’ presidents discussed a broad range of issues pertaining to bilateral and multilateral cooperation between Armenia and Russia, particularly touching upon issues related to political, economic and humanitarian cooperation between the two states, as well as to cooperation within the frame of integration processes following Armenia’s membership in the EAEU, and outlined next steps aimed at further strengthening and enhancing relations.

Presidents Serzh Sargsyan and Vladimir Putin also exchanged views on current international and regional problems and challenges, and in that context, reflected upon the present stage of the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process.

RF President welcomed his counterpart and thanked him for accepting the meeting invitation:

“Dear Serzh Azati, I am very glad to see you. Indeed, we have regular meetings with each other. We have both phone conversations and meetings during different forums, and every time, in fact every time, we have bilateral meetings in the presence of the mass media, such as today and without them. But nevertheless, we always have something to discuss. I mean the special nature of relations between Russia and Armenia, I mean Armenia’s membership in the EAEU, as well as its full-fledged involvement in our another integration organization - the CSTO. In this regard, I would like to discuss with you a number of issues. It is pleasing that Russia remains Armenia’s leading economic partner. Compared to 2013, last year our commodity circulation experienced considerable growth, but unfortunately, the first half of 2015 has seen a negative shift. Today we will talk about it as well. We are ready to discuss with you those issues. We are delighted to see you in Moscow. Welcome!” said RF President Vladimir Putin during the meeting with President Serzh Sargsyan.

Thanking the RF president for the meeting invitation, President Serzh Sargsyan expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the agenda of Armenian-Russian bilateral relations is busy and is always enriched with new initiatives. “Our regular meetings allow summing up previous agreements and respond to newly-emerged issues. Last time, we thoroughly discussed our agenda in Yerevan, when you were participating in the events to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire, and exchanged views in Moscow during the events to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Great Patriotic War, and, of course, in Ufa. In this period, a number of issues important to Armenia have been dealt with, and now I would like to thank you for transferring Permyakov’s criminal case to the Armenian jurisdiction. I am very grateful to you. Today we signed an agreement with the Ministry of Energy which will allow reducing the gas price by 25 USD, making it 165 USD. A 200-million USD preferential loan agreement has been concluded which will allow Armenia to upgrade the arsenal of its armed forces.

An agreement has been concluded, has entered into force, and modernization works have started at the Armenian nuclear plant. Of course, the activities of the EAEU have opened a new chapter in our relations, and, of course, we still have a plenty of work to do so that the content of that integration union is filled with works significant to our people. We are certainly ready for such work, and are keen on bringing to life the principles of free movement of goods, capital, services and labor as quickly as possible. It is undoubtedly very important to us. And in this context, Vladimir Vladimirovich, of course, the tariffs of power-generating materials continue to be of crucial importance to Armenia. In this crisis situation, the volatility of exchange rates simply has a negative effect on the tariffs, and I am hopeful that we will find new solutions, good solutions.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, I would like to thank Russia and you personally for the efforts to look for new avenues aimed at the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. In the last two weeks, the situation on the border is very tense. Besides large-caliber firearms, the Azerbaijani side is using artillery. Of course, we are forced to respond. I will dwell more on it during the CSTO summit in Dushanbe.

Lastly, I would like to say once again that our humanitarian cooperation has been developing dynamically. Recently, a branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University has opened in Yerevan. A Russian gymnasium will soon start its activities, and literally in a few weeks, we will hold the 3rd International Forum of the Alumni of Moscow State Institute of International Relations in Yerevan. I think that all that will also help to improve our relations, and, of course, I would like to note that the inter-government commission is doing a good job.

Thank you very much,” said President Serzh Sargsyan at the meeting with the RF president.


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