12, 2015

President called a meeting on the issues related to the development programs of Gyumri town and town’s priorities

President Serzh Sargsyan received today the Mayor of Gyumri to discuss the development programs of the town, priorities and pressing issues. For the resolution of the existing problems the President issued corresponding instructions.

“You are well aware of our attitude towards Gyumri. At the most difficult economic circumstances, in general, for the most difficult times for our country, a multibillion housing construction project commenced in Gyumri, and as a result thousands of residents received apartments. According to the Ministry of Urban Development, there are approximately 250 families, which suffered in the earthquake, and still need housing. I understand of course that the number of people in Gyumri who need housing is much higher, however we have such people all over the Republic; tens of thousands people in Armenia need apartments. These problems will undoubtedly find solution in due time. I have not invited you today to speak on TV once again about the achievements. A couple of weeks ago the governor of Shirak marz was here. Along with other issues, we spoke about problems of Gyumri, and the process of addressing them is already underway, because new opportunities presented themselves. I have invited you today to address another, not less important issue.

Next spring we start the construction of the Talin-Gyumri segment of the North-South highway. The project will attract 120 million Euros, and with this regard it would be most appropriate for us to solve the problem of improving Gyumri streets and street lighting. It’s a very important issue because in the presence of a first-class Gyumri-Yerevan highway, people may wonder why the streets of Gyumri are not in good shape and why Gyumri overall has not become a well-developed town, even though recently, also after your election as Mayor of the town, we, in comparative terms, have been providing major funds for the development of Gyumri infrastructure. With this regard, and I believe it is necessary, I have already issued corresponding instructions, to involve resources – 23 million Euros, which will be directed to the development and illumination of Gyumri. If the town authorities, you personally promise that these funds will be used efficiently and up to the last dram will be spent for the beautification of Gyumri, you can start the process already on Monday. An office for the implementation of the program should be established expeditiously, and these works must be brought to conclusion. To start and finish having in mind that when in 2018 we finish the construction of the Yerevan-Gyumri highway, Gyumri must already be in good shape,” said President Sargsyan at the meeting.

Mayor Samvel Balasanian expressed gratitude to the President of Armenia for his consistent support of Gyumri and noted that street development is a priority for the town as well as street lighting. According to the Mayor, these problems are impossible to solve with the local budget only. The President of Armenia underscored that together with the local budget additional money will be allocated for urgent programs, just as it is being done for the priority projects in other parts of the country. Mayor Balasanian assured that he would be consistent in proper implementation of vital for the town programs so that Gyumri, as a historical town, as a center of arts and crafts, become even more beautiful, more hospitable and comfortable.

“Mr. President, I once again express my gratitude, because through your order the Government has provided a subsidy for 300 million drams, and it helped in the road construction: twelve major streets were built and renovated. We have found another opportunity to built and pave roads; it’s another important program which will allow to solve the problem of minor streets. Again through your assistance we have been able to direct 300 millions for road construction. In addition, connected to you initiative on job creation, our compatriot, benefactor Vartan Sirmakes is carrying out serious projects which create thousands of jobs. Only in 2016, we will have 600 jobs. I believe, it is going to be a great success when with the opening of the educational center we will have 600 jobs. There will be jobs in light industry. It is also a great success. Today, we have been contacted from Europe, again, with regard to potato processing program. It will be just a miracle for our region: a Dutch company is interested in potato flour and production of fried potato semi-finished product. They claim that market is there; they examined potato from our region and noted that it corresponds to the requirements. They are ready to make a major investment, with the participation of benefactor Vartan Sirmakes. We will assist the company in any way we can for the implementation of that program,” said Mayor of Gyumri Samvel Balasanian and spoke with satisfaction about the works on the round the clock water supply for the town.


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