12, 2015

President attended the inauguration of the first segment of the North-South highway and opening of the Astghik medical center

Today, at the Malatsia-Sebastia administrative region President Serzh Sargsyan attended the opening ceremony of the Astghik medical center. The President of Armenia toured the newly opened medical center and familiarized with the capacities of the new unit of the medical institution, as well as with the renovation and modernization works conducted in the old unit, investments made to the center and services it will be providing.

The Astghik medical center, which is the successor of the Malatsia hospital functioning since 1965, according to the responsible officials after the modernization works has been equipped with the up-to-date apparatus. Thanks to the introduction of modern services for the treatment and diagnosis, as well as attraction of high level professional staff, the volumes of medical assistance and provided services has increased, resulting in the growth of the number of employees working at the center.

Afterwards, the President of Armenia left for Ararat marz, where he attended the inauguration of the first segment of the North-South highway (Yerevan-Artashat) completed in the framework of the investment project (first tranche). The participants of the ceremony through the live broadcasting followed also the parallel ceremony of the inauguration of the Yerevan-Ashtarak segment of the highway.

The North-South major infrastructure investment project will be connecting northern and southern borders of the Republic through the construction of a Meghri- Yerevan- Bavra highway - 556 km in total, which will fully correspond to the highest international standards. This will allow to shorten the existing travel distance by 85km: Instead of the current 9-9.5 hours, auto vehicles will cover the distance in 4.5 hours. The implementation of the project will also allow to increase comfort and safety of the commute, becoming also a transit road for the traffic and cargo moving from the East to the West. At the same time it will provide considerable development opportunities for the Armenian settlements along the north-south axis of Armenia.

After the inauguration of the first two-way segment of the highway, which has a strategic importance for the Republic, the responsible officials reported to the President of Armenia on the progress in the construction of the North-South highway and forthcoming developments.

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