02, 2016

President introduced the new Head of the RA National Security Service

Today, President Serzh Sargsyan introduced the newly appointed Head of the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia Georgi Kutoyan to the leadership of the Service. The President of Armenia also informed that the former Head of the NSS Gorik Hakopian was relieved of his duties due to the age limit and will continue to serve Fatherland as an Advisor to the President of Armenia. Serzh Sargsyan awarded Gorik Hakopian with the Saint Vardan Mamikonian Order and expressed gratitude for his service.
“Mr. Hakopian, on behalf of our state, I thank you for the years-long consistent and dedicated service. Though today you assume new responsibilities, a new area of responsibility, be assured that your name has already been written in the history of Armenia’s state building. You trained a great generation of professionals, and I am confident that many more will be raised on your example. I thank you for that, Mr. Hakopian. I have no doubt that Gorik Hakopian will continue to bring his experience and knowledge to the important work of our state building. Taking into consideration all mentioned above, yesterday I signed another executive order to award Gorik Hakopian with the Order of Saint Vardan Mamikonian. I believe that for the generals, for the military leadership this award is precious and symbolic. You’ve earned it.

As you know, I signed the executive order to appoint Georgi Kutoyan the Head of the National Security Service. I congratulate Mr. Kutoyan and wish him success at this extremely responsible state position. I trust that the newly appointed Head of the NSS thanks his principle stand, consistency, diligence and, of course, through the assistance of the generals and officers of the Service will execute these responsible duties with honor. This is indeed a position of trust and a very responsible appointment. Mr. Kutoyan is a professional of state service. Even while dealing with daily, routine tasks, he’s guided by policy. He is able to coordinate parallel processes and to find the most appropriate route. I worked with Georgi Kutoyan for five years and in these five years I never was even slightly disappointed. He is principled and exacting - first of all towards himself and, of course, towards his subordinates.

The adoption of large-scale amendments to our Constitution last December was a truly momentous event for our country. As a result, along with other reforms, our state governance will undergo considerable changes. Like other state bodies, the National Security Service will also face a new reality and new requirements ranging from ensuring conformity in the relevant legislation to the review of the interrelations. A serious rearrangement in the branches of power will be going on until 2018, and authority of the state bodies will be redistributed. In this transition period, the national security structures, within the scope of their responsibilities must not only ensure smooth transformation of the governance system, uninterrupted functioning of the state, but also should secure their worthy place and status among other state bodies. In the process, one of your primary goals will be to ensure the internal security of the state, particularly, on one hand - a more forceful fight against corruption, on the other hand - its prevention. You must be ready to shoulder that responsibility. Fight against that destructive and humiliating phenomenon becomes even more critical in the light of the constitutional reforms which are being introduced in the country. It will have an essential role in the formation of public trust. I believe you properly understand all I say. It doesn’t mean that until now the national security bodies have not been conducting fight against corruption, however on this particular stage there is a need for a more vigorous fight. I have no doubt that our national security bodies will keep the pace with the changes going on in the society. The National Security Service must be a reliable and steady structure, particularly in this critical for our country transition period. We don’t have the second or even similar structure of the kind, which means that in this area we cannot afford the luxury of experimenting. I am confident that the new leadership of the National Security Service will maintain and develop the best traditions of the Service, and will perform diligently and responsibly duties related to the upholding security of our state and our public,” said President Serzh Sargsyan.

Former Head of the NSS Gorik Hakopian expressed gratitude to the President of Armenia for the high assessment of his work. “It is extremely gratifying when after years of work you leave your job with such assessment. Mr. President, if God willing, I am able to continue to work for the benefit of our Fatherland, I will not remain indifferent to whether National Security Service is successful in its work or not. I will do my best to ensure that success is incessant and performance is even better. Thank you,” said Gorik Hakopian.

The newly appointed Head of the NSS Georgi Kutoyan thanked the President of Armenia for giving him this great credence. “Taking into consideration the important function which is assigned by the legislation to the national security bodies, work in this state structure is the matter of a great responsibility and honor for me. You have always highly valued the infallible protection by the NSS of our state and state interests. Such attitude is probably normal considering the fact that this Service has always had professional leadership and many devotees whose daily diligent work allowed to fulfill assigned tasks with honor. Mr. President, I am confident that under your leadership and with the assistance of Mr. Hakopian, my colleagues and I will do our best to uphold the high repute of the National Security Service. Mr. Hakopian, I also would like to thank you and taking this opportunity to congratulate you on receiving the high state award,” said Georgi Kutoyan.

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