04, 2016

President participated in Nuclear Security Summit in Washington

President Serzh Sargsyan, who is conducting a working visit to the United States at the invitation of President Barack Obama, on April 1 at the Walter Washington Convention Center participated at the Nuclear Security Summit where he made a statement.


Statement by the President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan
at the Nuclear Security Summit

Distinguished President Obama,
Dear Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to thank the organizers of the Washington Nuclear Security Summit for hosting again this key global security meeting and personally President Obama – for the initiative to launch the sequence of these Summits.

Since 2010, when the first Nuclear Security Summit took place, and looking back to the works carried out throughout these years, we can state unhesitatingly that we have managed to register significant progress. The Summits, which were launched in 2010, have been sending a political message that obviously contributed to the improvement and consolidation of the national procedures, as well as expanded the number of states which subscribed to key international documents.

This positive trend has been best demonstrated by the agreement reached on the Iranian Nuclear Program, which was a result of the unified and constructive efforts of the international community. This was an important achievement which strengthened not only international but also regional stability.

Even though this the last meeting in the series of the Nuclear Security Summits, we are obligated to maintain the continuity of this process using other formats. There is still a lot to do, and we should spare no effort to make the world around us a safer place, lest disturbing things we have just seen in the video material never happen again.

Availing myself of this opportunity, I would like to present steps which Armenia has taken in this direction after the Hague Summit. We attach great importance to the comprehensive and efficient implementation of the documents and agreements reached in this particular area, viewing them as an important element of national, regional and international security.

Meanwhile, we have been continuously improving and amending our legislation, bringing it in line with international requirements. We remain engaged in mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation with the international structures and partner States on the nuclear propulsion sites, on security and physical protection of nuclear and radioactive materials. In this context, I would like to single out the role of the IAEA in developing jointly with the member States new, additional criteria and procedures for nuclear security and physical protection jointly with the member States, and assistance rendered for the effective implementation thereof. In the area of nuclear security, there is a special niche envisaged for the fight against smuggling of nuclear and radioactive materials. In this area, Armenia is closely cooperating with the US, EU, other partner States, and international structures.

Armenia is also actively engaged in the fight against nuclear terrorism and initiatives related to the non-proliferation of the weapons of mass destruction through the implementation of all necessary measures envisaged by the UN SC Resolution 1540 and adoption of the corresponding National Action Plan.

Our consistent approach on this issue will remain incessant and unswerving with the aim to assist the process of the creation of the active nuclear security architecture.

I would have disregarded tenuous accusations voiced in this Hall by the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey, as they primarily demonstrate mistrust toward the IAEA, had they not demonstrated this peculiar line of conduct in every possible area: their own destructive actions are augmented by suspicion toward the actions of the international structures and international community, distorted interpretation of their decisions and approaches. This poses a real threat for the region, not the Armenian Nuclear Station.

Thank you.




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