03, 2017

President received delegation of Philip Morris International Management SA

President Serzh Sargsyan received today delegation headed by the President of the Philip Morris International SA for Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region and Philip Morris International Duty Free Drago Azinovic.

The President of Armenia welcomed the representative of the world-famous company, who has arrived to Armenia with a business proposal and noted that the establishment in our country of a scientific research and development (R&D) center by the Philip Morris International SA will receive the assistance from Armenia’s technological centers, including the Gyumri Center for Technologies. It will also be positively viewed by the public since the Armenian people are always attentive towards innovations, striving to bring innovative ideas to Armenia and make them local. President Sargsyan underscored that now more than ever research and development as well as science and technologies play a critical role in our country’s advancement and development, and progress in the area of technology remains constantly in the center of the RA Government’s attention. The President of Armenia noted that the Government has a great experience of cooperation with pan-national organizations active in the area of technologies: for instance, Microsof and National Instruments have their own centers in Armenia which are functioning successfully.

Drago Azinovic expressed gratitude to the President for the reception and presented the recent achievments of his company, investments made for the development of the company and innovative programs which are aimed at presenting products reducing the damage caused by smoking. “I am glad that in Armenia too a great attention is given to the development of people and technologies. Encouraging people to reveal their talents and developing technologies, you are creating a unique opportunity for the advancement of your country and concequently for appearing among the world’s leading nations. We are very glad to see such approach and readiness to cooperate,” said Drago Azinovic and underlined that the Philip Morris International SA company will be consistent in implementing its commitments emanating from the Memorandum of Understanding signed today with the Government of Armenia.


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