03, 2018

Executive Director of the Center for Strategic Initiatives reports on 2017 activities and 2018 programs

During a working meeting held with the President of the Republic of Armenia, Executive Director of the Center for Strategic Initiatives of the Government of the Republic of Armenia (CSI) Aleksandr Khachaturyan reported on the activities carried out in 2017 and the priority programs of 2018.

Aleksandr Khachaturyan specifically presented the programs implemented in cooperation with State agencies, other stakeholders, organizations and individuals in the priority areas of public administration, education, tax and customs administration, legal affairs, tourism, agriculture, information and high technologies. He also reported on the work done in compliance with the instructions and recommendations voiced by the President during his visit to the Center for Strategic Initiatives on February 22, 2017.

The Executive Director dwelt on the most important programs implemented in each of the priority areas. He gave details of Armenia’s Development Strategy by 2030 and the upcoming CSI-supported public discussions of the document. Aleksandr Khachaturyan advised that within the framework of the ongoing public administration reform, a functional analysis of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments had been carried out in cooperation with Arar Foundation. A roadmap for further action is being drafted for both ministries, based on the provisions of the new Law on Civil Service and the ministerial branch strategies clarifications.

The CSI Executive Director presented the YES Armenia program which, as funded by the European Union, involves 21 young Armenians from Armenia and the Diaspora who shall work on different projects stemming from the Government’s priorities at individual ministries and other government agencies for a period of 12 months. One of the missions of the project is to make the job in State institutions more attractive and up-to-date, involving well-trained and highly skilled professionals.

Aleksandr Khachaturyan next reported on the development of Armenia’s Digital Transformation Agenda for 2018-2030 framework document, initiated jointly with the Digital Armenia Foundation, where the Center acts as coordinator. The document is currently under discussion.

Supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and in close cooperation with an international expert panel, the Center for Strategic Initiatives assists the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments with the drafting of the RA Law on Public-Private Partnership. The bill is meant to streamline the relations associated with the design, implementation and monitoring of public-private sector partnerships in Armenia.

Reference was also made to the activities carried out in collaboration with partner organizations to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, improve tax and customs administration, as well as the State policy in the field of tourism.

In conclusion, President Sargsyan issued a number of instructions related to current activities and forthcoming programs.

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