03, 2018

On the occasion of Women’s Day, President awards a group of women for fruitful and effective work

In the run-up to Women’s Day, President Serzh Sargsyan and Mrs. Rita Sargsyan hosted today mothers of many children and a group of women who have excelled in various spheres with fruitful and dedicated work.

The President of Armenia congratulated the guests and, in their person, all Armenian women on the upcoming holiday. A number of women were encouraged with high State awards, while the mothers of many children were presented with the Parental Glory Medal and materials incentives for setting up and strengthening families, providing for their children’ physical, spiritual and moral well-being and harmonious development.

“Dear Awardees,
Dear Women,

I cordially congratulate you on the receipt of high State awards and, of course, on the occasion of tomorrow’s holiday, which will last for a whole month and then all year up to next March 8.

No society can be described as modern and up-to-date if it fails to strengthen women’s role in public life, and where women are not serious players. Our historical experience suggests that our women should be reserved a major role in society. They have that role in our society. Of course, I would like to say that they enjoy a broad involvement in public life, but that work is part of our future work.

I am deeply convinced that every year, women should take part in local or State elections, women should participate in the elections every time, and their role must certainly increase. But there is one circumstance here: women themselves should want it.

In many cases women do not want to be actively involved in social and political life. It may be the fault of the whole society, maybe the problem of men. Nevertheless, I have always called for and urge women to actively participate in our country’s construction. It is very important. And though my words were not able to state exactly that there is no great involvement, but we are on the right path: every year our women are represented at all levels of government and there is no sphere in the country where women are not represented.

Once again, I cordially congratulate you for the awards and on the Holiday. I wish you could always be feminine, to give warmth, enthusiasm and, of course, soberness to all of us - to the society and to men. This is a very important circumstance. Thank you for being here today. Once again, I congratulate all of you,” President Sargsyan said.

After the solemn award ceremony, President Serzh Sargsyan had a meeting with the women at the tea table.

The President proposed them to present their views, remarks, proposals concerning women’s role in the State, their social and political life and the steps to be taken to enhance involvement in the system of public administration.

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