05, 2018

Message by President Armen Sarkissian

Dear Compatriots,

Yesterday, after a series of substantial discussions conducted on various levels and aimed at the resolution of the existing political crisis, the involved political forces came up with statements which have brought to a logical conclusion democratic developments evolving in the country.
With this regard, I salute the responsible stance of the democratic movement led by Nicol Pashinian, Republican Party of Armenia, Prosperous Armenia Party, Elq coalition and the ARF which emanates for the primary interests of Armenia and our people and opens the door for national accord.

With this, our nation has proved once again that at fateful moments we are able to unite and make decisions which benefit the entire nation.
Nowadays, Armenia is in the center of attention of the international community. We are facing challenges, and I am confident that on May 8 in the name of reformation the achievements of the pan-national movement will be secured; it became possible through the participation of all – from political forces to every segment of the society here, in Armenia, as well as in Artsakh, and Spyurk.
It will further elevate our reputation and standing in the world.
I would like to hail specifically the involvement and decisive role of our bright youth. The youth, which through its creative vigor, purposefulness and tolerance at these fateful days have been spreading light, solidarity, love, and faith.
I am proud of our nation, I am proud of dignified Armenian citizens, I am proud of our unity and solidarity. I am confident and I can see that we have already started to create a new Armenia, which will attract all sons and daughters of our nation, which will accumulate and use their talent, entrepreneurship, and vigor.

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