07, 2018

President participated at the Youth Forum of the Armenian Institute for International and Security Issues

President Armen Sarkissian participated today at the Third Youth Forum of the Armenian Institute for International and Security Issues which is titled Democracy, Security, and Foreign Policy.

In this remarks, President Sarkissian spoke about changes in the country, prospects of development and shared with the graduates of the Institute his experience.
Observing that the changes in the country are being defined in different ways, the President distinguished among them the Young Armenia name. “And this is not because the participants were mainly young people, and there was present young spirit but also because the young hold the promise of the future. Young people are standing on the threshold of their lives, all possible routes are open for them,” President Armen Sarkissian said and added, “Nowadays, for our country too all opportunities are open, and we need to take the route upward.”

Among his priorities, Armen Sarkissian mentioned the shaping of presidential culture in a parliamentary republic. The President spoke about the importance of the Constitution and noted with satisfaction the resolution of the recent events in the framework of the Constitution. “Constitution is the main law, and if there are changes, developments in the country, they should happen in the framework of that Law. If the day comes, when the Constitution should be amended again, it must be done based on the will of the people and not because someone for some reason wants to change it. You should be those who make changes,” the President said.

After that, President Sarkissian responded to multiple questions of the participants, and in the end he handed certificates of graduation to this year’s graduates of the Armenian Institute for International and Security Issues.

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