07, 2018

President received a group of participants of the “Armenia and Russia: Realities, Problems and Opportunities” scientific conference

President Armen Sarkissian received today the Senior Researcher of the International Security Center of the Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences Stanislav Ivanov, Senior Researcher of the Research Center on Central Asia and Afghanistan Studies at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations Leonid Guseev, and Assistant Professor of the Regional and Foreign Policy Chair at the Russian State Humanitarian University, member of the Russian Council on International Issues and expert of the Gorchakov Fund Sergey Markedonov who have arrived to Armenia to participate at the “Armenia and Russia: Realities, Problems, and Opportunities” scientific conference.

Welcoming the guests, President Sarkissian expressed confidence that the conference will have a positive effect on the development of the Armenian-Russian interstate relations.

The interlocutors concurred that there is still much to be done: It is necessary together with preserving the best traditions of the Armenian-Russian friendship, to strive to use great potential existing in different areas, define new avenues and opportunities for the expansion of cooperation.

President Sarkissian responded to the questions raised by the participants of the meeting.




President Armen Sarkissian sent welcoming remarks to the participants of the “Armenia and Russia: Realities, Problems, and Opportunities” scientific conference which state:

“This conference speaks once again of the strategic partnership between the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation based on mutual trust and shared readiness to deepen it further.

It is noteworthy that joint efforts aimed at the strengthening of the interstate cooperation are supported by the wide circles of the public in our countries, while the atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding allows to implement new perspective programs.

The Armenian-Russian allied partnership is a primary direction of Armenia’s foreign policy and should develop dynamically for the benefit of the Armenian and Russian peoples.”


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