08, 2018

Public Relations Department of the Presidential Administration responds to the inquires of some media outlets

The Public Relations Department of the Presidential Adminstration responded to the inquires of some media outlets related to the assessment by the President of the current internal situation in Armenia.

''President Armen Sarkissian is following the developments on a daily basis and holds them in the focus of his attention. Considering as vital the necessity for all branches of power to act in accordance with the Constitution and within the scope of their authority, in the spirit of mutual respect, the President anticipates that all political forces will be guided by the security, primary interest of our country's sustainable and shock-free development. State interests, security of the country, respect towards the rights of individuals and citizens are the foremost issues for us all.

The President of Armenia welcomes the meeting between the Prime Minister and Speaker of the National Assembly and assesses as positive the agreements reached during the meeting. The President expresses hope that we will witness positive results in the nearest future.

The President of Armenia reiterates his position that problems are best to be solved through a dialogue and negotiations, when the parties respect the reached agreements and fulfill steadfastly the steps aimed at the implementation of that agreements, learning lessons and registering success in the process. This ought to become the main feature of our political affairs.”

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