10, 2018

President Sarkissian: Time has come for Hayastan Fund to become a 21st century structure

The President of Armenia, Chairman of the Hayastan Fund Board of Trustees Armen Sarkissian today visited the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. Accompanied by the newly-elected Executive Director of the Fund Haykak Arshamian, the President toured the premise, familiarized with the work of various divisions.

Later, the President held a meeting with the staff of the Fund. At the meeting, he spoke about the role and activities of the Fund, the importance of employing new methods and principles of work in the contemporary world.

“The Fund is a great asset for our entire nation because it had been established at the direst for our Republic and the people time and had a mission which it accomplished gloriously. It’s not for me to tell you or the public about success, programs, and esteem that the Fund had with the Armenians all over the world. It would suffice to visit different parts of Armenia, it would suffice to travel from Yerevan to Stepanakert and see the high quality of the road construction. There are multiple success stories like that one. Thus, first of all, I would like to congratulate you on your working in a structure whose activities are truly Pan-Armenian.”, President Sarkissian said.

He expressed gratitude to all Armenians, all citizens of Armenia, friends of the Armenian nation who have made their contribution to the implementation of the Fund’s programs. “Once again sending words of gratitude to our compatriots, I would like to inform that the Fund is not only alive but also has a very good professional team. No strain can make us waiver in our faith, in our affection, and dedication to our Fatherland and the structures which contribute to our Fatherland, our greater Fatherland, I mean Armenia, Artsakh and Spyurk. I anticipate that ultimately the Fund will be very active not only in Armenia and Artsakh but also in Spyurk, thus there should be no doubt regarding pan-national programs; we all should employ our entire potential, should do our best to fulfil the objectives for Fatherland, for Artsakh, and for the entire Armenian nation. I expect us all to support, to assist the Fund so it can fulfill its patriotic mission in Armenia and Artsakh.”

President Sarkissian reminded that in his capacity as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Hayastan Fund back in May at the joint sitting of the Board of Trustees and local chapters, he tasked the management with the precise assignment to present in two or three months a concept and a new program. He noted that the Fund was created more than 20 years ago and the time has come to review the past, to assess the accomplishments and look into the drawbacks.

“The time is moving much faster than we can even imagine. It means that we need to adopt new approaches, new programs, also a new working style. In the 21st century, processes in Armenia, in the world are taking place fast. I believe that the Fund will become more robust and will register new success. I believe that the road we’ve traveled, accomplishments, also difficulties and failures will become lessons, and the Fund will rise as a phoenix and will move ahead with its splendid mission. This is my message to you, the staff of the Fund. This is also my message to all citizens of Armenia and all Armenians.”

President Sarkissian congratulated and wished success to the newly-elected Executive Director of the Fund and noted that he would face numerous tasks. The President proposed the management of the Fund to present in the shortest possible time a new vision for activities, taking into consideration the ongoing changes and developments. “The Fund was established in the 20th century and registered great success; the time has come for it to become a 21st century structure,” the President of Armenia concluded.

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