10, 2018

Armen Sarkissian: "People are our true power and wealth"

President Armen Sarkissian, who is in Switzerland on a working visit, in Geneva met with the representatives of the Swiss-Armenian community.

President Sarkissian noted that we have entered a new phase of the implementation of national goals in the general picture of the global economic, especially, industrial and technological very rapid changes.

Stressing the importance of uniting pan-national potential around all-Armenian agenda, the President said, “We have an important advantage: Our small country in reality represents aspirations of a huge nation, its objectives and interests. Your children and grandchildren should be proud to be Armenians and belong to a brilliant nation which in this life has a huge mission and goal.”

“People are our true power and wealth,”
the President of Armenia said and added, “Today’s Armenia, which is a new and young Armenia, is moving and I hope will be moving in the right direction, towards freedom, human dignity. The time has come for every Armenian to be involved in our country’s daily work, each on his or her place, contributing within one’s abilities to the implementation of the patriotic programs and advancement of Fatherland.”

At the meeting, discussed was also the issue of strengthening the Armenia-Spyurk ties, advancing them in a new fashion, as well as the issues of the preservation of the Armenian national identity and opportunities of a more active engagement of our compatriots living abroad in the life of Armenia.

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