10, 2018

Armen Sarkissian:” Cooperation between the Academies of Sciences of our countries is of great value”

President Armen Sarkissian, who is in Belarus on a working visit, on October 30 visited the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Armen Sarkissian underscored that for the first time he visited the Academy of Science of Belarus as a young man in 1976 to participate at the works of the international conference on physics. According to the President, friendship and cooperation between the Academies of Sciences of our two countries are of great value.

Accompanied by the leader of the National Academy of Belarus Vladimir Gusakov, President Sarkissian first visited the exhibition on display in the Academy titled “Achievements of the National Science for the National Economy”, familiarized with projects in the areas of energy and energy saving, laser and nanotechnologies, defence and national security, and a number of other areas. The President visited also the Museum of History of the Academy and made an inscription in the Book of Honorary Guests.

Later, at the meeting with the leadership and employees of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, President Sarkissian spoke of deepening the scientific and technical cooperation between the two countries as well as of strengthening the ties between the two Academies.

“Each of our independent Republics today is following its own path, but I believe we still have many things in common, science and education are among them. Because of that very reason, cooperation between the Academies is of great importance. Armenia is a small country but has an advanced academic and scientific structure and it will have its impact on Armenia’s future. In your Academy, I have also seen the future. It is commendable that your range is very wide – from agriculture to the most modern areas,” the President of Armenia said.

He commended in particular the fact that the Academy in Belarus maintains close relations with industry and many of the scientific research results applied in industry are coming from the Academy.

According to the President, there are many directions to work on among them laser and digital technologies, nuclear energy, food production and especially food security area.

“I see myself a number of areas in which we can collaborate and work together again, now directly. The time to make tuning is now, i.e. the time is to find a common problem, which we can solve with joint efforts and find the points where we can complement each other,” the President of Armenia underscored. He added that he will do his best to develop cooperation in the area of science between the two countries.

In his turn, Vladimir Gusakov said that the Academies of Belarus and Armenia have many crossings. “We will work together and can do a lot to develop economies of the two states.”

President Sarkissian visited also the B. Stepanov Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, familiarized with the areas of the Institute activities and conducted research.

In the framework of his working visit, the President of Armenia attended also the Wargaming company famous in the area of computer games which has developed in particular the World of Tanks computer game.

The leadership of the company presented to Armen Sarkissian the areas of the Company’s activities, their success story, and development programs.


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