12, 2018

President visited Agroholding Armenia Company in Spitak: New culture will allow to ensure new quality and new standards of the products

President Armen Sarkissian made today a working visit to Lori marz.
His first stop was the Agroholidng Armenia Company in Spitak which is engaged in complex farming.

Back in September, at the annual Armenia Expo-2018 exhibition in Yerevan, the unique pavilion and production of Agroholding Armenia Company attracted President Armen Sarkssian’s attention.
Agroholding Armenia works in the area of husbandry and dairy production. Management of the Company noted that Agroholding is breeding pedigree animals only.

The President familiarized with the works and forthcoming programs of the Company, tested samples of their production, conversed with the employees. Currently, the production of Agroholding Armenia is consumed mostly in Armenia but works are underway to enter new markets.

President Sarkissian stressed the importance of cooperating with international organizations which have experience in this area. In his words, it will allow to introduce new culture and new standards in husbandry and production of agricultural goods. It will become also an impetus for the expansion of the production.


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