03, 2019

Official dinner was offered in the honor of the President of Georgia: Armenia and Georgia have huge potential to become developed and powerful states

In the evening of March 13, President Armen Sarkissian and Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian hosted an official dinner in the honor of the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili.
Welcoming the high guest snd her delegation, President Sarkissian said:

“I am glad to welcome you to Armenia. History of the friendly ties between Armenia and Georgia is thousands years old. Throughout the centuries, our countries went through enormous challenges but we were united by the common history, common culture, and many other things.

Whenever speaking of the Armenian-Georgian relations, one always recalls the legend of Haikos and Qartlos, their brotherhood and friendship. But today the friendship is not a legend or a fable but a reality. The time has proved that the Armenian-Georgian friendship was great and the time will also prove that we are going to have a kind and amicable future.”

Noting that rich cultural heritage holds a unique place in the relations of the two nations, President Sarkissian said, “Last month, we celebrated with great festivities the 150th birth of the All Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanian. I would like to note that he was celebrated in Tbilisi as well, and it was no accident. Tumanian’s human and poetic footprint is not only in Dsegh, Yerevan, Armenia but also in Tbilisi and Georgia.

Distinguished Madam President, you are certainly aware that Tumanian had special affection for Georgia and Georgian people.
These words of his prove it, “Just as Georgia and wonderful Georgian soul is dear to me, the people, who carry and interpret that soul are dear as much.” In conclusion, I wish the friendly people of Georgia peace, prosperity, and all the best. Let the Armenian-Georgian friendship remain unshakable. Let Armenia and Georgia and our two peoples always enjoy peace and prosperity.”

President Salome Zurabishvili said in particular, “Georgians and Armenians are united by the system of values which the Caucasus has traditionally been standing on. And culture is the area in which our closeness is revealed vividly. Sayat Nova, Aram Khatchaturian, Parajanov, Charles Aznzvout, Givi Shahnazar and other great Armenians are source of pride for Georgians and Armenians alike. I believe that along the deepening our cultural ties, we need to increase the range of our cooperation. Supporting each other along the way will bring us great success.”

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