05, 2019

President proposed the candidature of a judge of the Constitutional Court

It has been at least one year that the President of Armenia, within the authorities vested in him by the Constitution, has been involved in the process of proposing to the National Assembly the candidature of a judge of the Constitutional Court.

The President has been carrying out this responsible process in a public and democratic manner, staying within the scope of his constitutional authorities, upholding constitutional norms, maintaining the principles of impartiality and objectivity. To receive opinions on the potential candidatures and nominees, the President has ordered to fulfill some procedures in line with the law, has met with multiple Armenian law experts, reputable representatives of the legal community, including from the scientific and attorneys’ circles.

Within one year, even though the call for nominations was made several times, nevertheless, the number of potential nominees was very small. The selection of the candidature of a judge of the Constitutional Court in fact is limited by a few individual lawyers who meet the preset criteria.

Attaching great importance to the efficient functioning of the legal system, including the Constitutional Court, and considering the fact that the selection of a nominee for the member of the CC cannot become an endless process, or become subject to political manipulations and misuse, and based on the results of the recent consultations with the representatives of the legal community and potential candidatures for the CC judge, the President of Armenia proposes the candidature of Vahe Grigorian.

The President of Armenia hopes that after being elected a judge of the Constitutional Court, Vahe Grigorain will bring his contribution to the enhancement of the CC works, constitutional justice, and will fulfill properly the authorities vested in the judge of the High Court.

P.S. Having in mind the experience of the past year, the President of Armenia deems necessary to consider the possibility of appointing a judge of the CC by the President which will require changes in the current procedures, namely in the logic behind the procedures present in Article 138 of the Constitution (Temporary Appointment of the Officials).

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