06, 2019

President Armen Sarkissian handed RA Presidential Awards: Today we are creating a new page of our history

The official ceremony for handing the RA Presidential Awards for 2018 took place at the Presidential Palace.

Awards for the contributions made in the areas of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, development of natural sciences, technical sciences and information technologies, arts, medicine, physics, literature, and classical music were handed to the winners by the President of Armenia and founder of the Robert Boghossian and Sons Foundation, a benefactor from Diaspora Jean Boghossian.

President Sarkissian congratulated the awardees and noted,

“Today’s ceremony is just another proof that work, knowledge, service, input, and dedication never lose their value. They will always be appreciated.

Dear Awardees and Laureates,

I congratulate you on this well-deserved awards and would like to note that you are among the best bearers of statehood and its best defenders, each of you on your place, in your work, in your service. You are doing your job with the deepest sense of responsibility, with no fuss, with no noise, thinking of the results, comprehending the necessity of the works done and those to be done for our society, for our Fatherland.

Dear Friends,

In different times, Fatherland has always been perceived in the same way – as a shrine, regardless of whether we had statehood or not.

Today, when we have our statehood in the form of republic for the last one hundred years, we are creating a new page of our history. And I am hopeful that it will be a page of our lasting presence, a page about our identity and uniqueness, a new about our economic and cultural success, a page about our united national and all-Armenian victories. That page is being written every moment, every hour, it’s being written in real life, by real work.

Each citizen of Armenia, each Armenian in Armenia, Artsakh and Spyurk has his or her personal perception of statehood. However, that perception should have one goal – to see Fatherland, Armenia and Artsakh together, neat and united, strong and developed, protected and guided by the law.

I thank you all and in your person those who see the defense of the state and statehood, advancing our country in lighting at least one candle for Fatherland, who would add at least one stone to fortify the structure of our state.

I once again congratulate you all and express my deepest gratitude to the Boghossian family, personally to Albert and Jean Bogossians, as well as to the Hayastan Fund and members of the award commission.

I wish you all good health, success, optimism, and prosperity.”

Co-President of the Boghossian Foundation Jean Boghossian first congratulated Armen Sarkissian on organizing and convening the Armenian Summit of Minds. “The Summit was organized at the international level, with very interesting and remarkable discussions,” he said. “I have learned a lot from the Summit, from removing barriers to building bridges. What’s going on in the world? What to do and how to do it? If we figure out the answers to these questions, we would be able to solve all problems of the world.

We support and encourage organization of such events which are attended by reputable experts from all over the world. They come here to meet, to discuss, to get acquainted with each other. They promote Armenia’s advancement and creation of a better world. We hope that this one has been the first in the series of the Summits of Minds.”

Speaking about Presidential Awards, Jean Boghossian underlined that it has become a traditional event. “I thank you, Mr. President, for your support, for providing the opportunity for this important undertaking to continue in Armenia. We will work together for making this award even more prominent and of international nature,” Jean Boghossian said.


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