07, 2019

President in Qarahunj assured that our country would have a bright future: I am working within the scope of the Constitution, not beyond

In the framework of his working visit to Syunik, President Sarkissian visited Qarahunj community.

Accompanied by the children of the village, President Sarkissian visited the community library and presented them with the books of the fairy tales authored by his spouse Nouneh Sarkissian.

At the community Cultural Center President Sarkissian met with the residents. Responding to the question whether the authorities enshrined in the Constitution are adequate for president, Armen Sarkissian said, “Regardless of the description this position has, it is the individual who works on that position that delivers the results. Regardless of the powers, if you do them well, then fine, if you perform badly, that’s not good. I am trying to invest into the activities of the President of the Republic the meaning I deem is right.

I am working within the scope of the Constitutions, not beyond. It turns out, that working in the framework of that same Constitution, one can do pretty much. One can have the greatest authority in the world, the greatest opportunities but deliver nothing. And vice versa – have it and use it. No need to think of leverages or tools you have, the important thing is to hit the target. My target is very simple – for our country to prosper, our children to be happy, and for me – to make my small contribution within the scope of my abilities.”

Responding to the question on Armenia’s future, President Sarkissian assured that our country would have a bright future,” Look at these kids, and everything will become clear. Our responsibility is to create opportunities for them.”

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