09, 2019

Armenia has very strong educational and technological bases: Thales Group delegation has arrived to Armenia at the invitation of President Sarkissian

A delegation of the French Thales Group - one of the world’s technological leaders, has arrived to Armenia at the invitation of President Armen Sarkissian. During their two-day visit the delegation held a number of meetings with the Ministers of Economy, Science, Education, Culture, and Sports, officials of the high technologies area, representatives of the companies working in the area of technologies and innovations and discussed with them opportunities and fields of cooperation.

Recapping the results of the visit and meetings, the Vice President and Regional Director of the company Paul Remi noted, “The purpose of our visit is to gather as much information as possible in the framework of the Armenia-Thales Group working group, to define potential areas in which we can establish presence in your country. Thus, it is very important. We are very optimistic. Soon, we will present to our Directors General everything we discovered here to decide on future steps.”

He said that there are excellent prospects of cooperation. “We want to achieve concrete results, to do serious things. We intend to cooperate with the Armenian ecosystem in the area of high technologies. However, we need to work hard to define realistic and attainable directions. We look into a number of areas for cooperation. We saw inspiring elements in the system of electronic testing, interesting approaches in the area of artificial intelligence. We are planning to visit Armenia again, as many times as will be necessary. Armenia has plenty resources, for instance, human capital. As a high technology company, we view Armenia as a big market. Armenia is a small country but has very strong educational and technological bases. For a company like Thales it is a great advantage,” Paul Remi underscored.

Thales Group carries out activities in different countries of the world related to the design and construction of electrical systems. It also provides services in the aviation, airspace, defense, transportation, and security markets. 

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