09, 2019

President Sarkissian and Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian hosted the descendants of Hovhaness Tumanian: Tumanian and his creations are always with us

President Armen Sarkissian and Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian today at the Presidential Palace hosted the descendants – grand and great-grandchildren of the great Armenian poet Hovhaness Tumanian.

President Sarkissian welcomed the guests and noted that he was honored to host the descendants of the great poet who at the initiative of the granddaughter of Tumanian, Irma Safrazbekian, have gathered in the Fatherland. “Usually, great personalities are remembered and revered on their jubilees. However, when it comes to Tumanian, his creations are always with us. For us, he is a legend, and with time, the legend crystallizes more with time,” the President noted.

At the meeting, the views were exchanged on the preservation and dissemination of Tumanian’s literary legacy, ideas were introduced to create the Tumanian Institute, to preserve the Tumanian-inspired nature and ambiance in Dsegh. The guests presented to Armen Sarkissian the compilations of the works of the great poet published on the occasion of his 150th birth anniversary.

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