09, 2019

Congratulatory Address of President Armen Sarkissian on the occasion of Independence Day

Beloved compatriots in Armenia, Artsakh, and Spyurk,

Dear citizens of the Republic of Armenia,

Today is Armenia’s Independence Day.

It carries a special message – to get to know ourselves, our country, our identity, our abilities and our potential even better.

Everything we have today – Freedom, Independence, Fatherland, State - we own it all only to ourselves.

Whatever we will be able to attain, we will own only to ourselves – our unity, our joint efforts, our ideas turned into action, respect and tolerance toward each other.

The best way to do it, is the daily work, creativity every day, care about the country and the state, reverence for the Fatherland, learning more about the Fatherland.

The Fatherland will remain just a spot on geographic maps unless we have it inside us, unless we make it live through us, unless we live for it.

To love the Fatherland and to live for it, we need to know it and to know it doesn’t mean just to be able to find it on the map. We need to see it all – from Gyumri to Goris, from Syunik to Lori, from Artsakh to Tavush, from Lor to Ahnidzor.

After one sees and feels the Fatherland, it becomes much more distinct what needs to be done for the Fatherland, how to do it and why. We need a vision, we need to put forward ideas, programs and call them to life.

To know the Fatherland, we need to recognize also the owner of the Fatherland because Fatherland means people who are with us, live and work side by side with us.
Just as on the fateful days of gaining independence and the ensuing difficult years, today too, our Fatherland faces challenges, and we and only we hold the key for overcoming them.

Hrant Matevossian used to say, “We created the Fatherland, we are building it step by step… Fatherland needs dedicated efforts of all its sons every year, every day, every moment.”

Let’s spare not ourselves, our efforts, our intellect, our love for the Fatherland. Let’s be the defenders and protectors of our state, our Church, let’s be tolerant and caring toward each other.

As a state, as a nation, we are a bridge between civlizations. Systems of values are distorted in different parts of the world, civilizations are sacrificed in the name of politics, human relations are forfeited for different interests, people become indifferent toward each other, become strangers.

Thus, it is critical to care for our system of values and for each other. As individuals, we can be different, however in the name of our common goals, in the name of our independence, in the name of our future we must be united and unified.

Eternal glory to all heroes who gave their lives for our independence.

God help our Army – the guarantor of our independence and security.

Long live the Republic of Armenia!

Long live our nation in Armenia, Artsakh, and Spyurk!

Long live the citizens of the Republic of Armenia!

God bless us all.

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