10, 2019

You are an exceptional politician who has a vision about the future: Founder of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab hailed the activities of President Armen Sarkissian

President Armen Sarkissian, who is Switzerland on a working visit, met today in Geneva at the headquarters of the World Economic Forum with the founder of the Forum, Professor Klaus Schwab.

The World Economic Forum is better known as the Davos annual forum which each year brings together world’s political and economic leaders, representatives of business community and international financial institutions and reputable experts to discuss and offer solutions to the global problems and challenges of the contemporary world. Welcoming the Armenian President’s visit to the headquarters of the Forum, Klaus Schwab noted in particular, “I have always been fascinated with your intellect and vision. I believe you are the one of those exceptional politicians who have a vision about the future, which you also proved through your years-long activities and publications.”

The President thanked for the welcome and said that he recalls with pleasure his work at the Forum which was also a good experience for him. He said that it was thanks to the vision of Professor Klaus Schwab that the World Economic Forum became a reality. “I believe the world would be different without the World Economic Forum. The Forum has paved many avenues for moving forward. In the contemporary world everything is changing very fast. Sometimes I find myself in that new world, quantum world. In this world we need quantum thinkers like you,” President Armen Sarkissian said and added that as the President of Armenia he anticipates working with the World Economic Forum in the coming years, too.

The interlocutors exchanged views on possible cooperation, particularly on the opportunities of implementing joint programs in which the World Economic Forum could have an input. Among the areas of great potential President Sarkissian highlighted high technologies, artificial intelligence, and mathematical modeling. It was noted that the Forum, in the framework of its programs, might become an interesting partner for one of the Presidential initiatives – ATOM (Advanced Tomorrow) aimed at the development of science and technologies in Armenia, which has a number of components. It is envisaged that this initiative will include also a technological town where major international organizations, research centers, and universities will be present. There also will be the Museum of Tomorrow.

The idea was assessed as an interesting one and it was noted that there are great opportunities for cooperation in this area.

Klaus Schwab said that he was interested also in Armen Sarkissian’s vision regarding the global developments in the world and would be happy to listen to his opinion regarding the quantum politics, directions for the advancement and trends in the contemporary world.

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