11, 2019

President Armen Sarkissian visited Chinari border community in Tavush marz: “Thank you for being what you are – strong and attached to your land”

The working visit of the President of Armenia started from Chinari border community in Tavush marz. The President met and conversed with the residents who came to greet him. Observing a dance performance by the children of Chinari, the President invited them to visit the Presidential Palace on New Year.

President Sarkissian said that he had visited Chinari for the first time in his student years and had been particularly impressed with it the land’s nature and hospitality of the residents. “I want to thank you for being what you are – strong and attached to your land,” the President said addressing the villagers. “I would like to bow to the memory of the people of Chinari who gave their lives to defend our Fatherland. We think of you day and night, of the people who are on the border, live in difficult conditions, defend not only their families, make plans for their children, for these brilliant kids who have dreams.

I want you to assure you that you are not forgotten. It is very pleasing that among you I see today those who had left for Ukraine, Russia and then came back. One day, all will be back. You can take Fatherland with you, but through the years love and pain start to grow, fill your entire body and soul, and you want to come back. To the residents of Chinari, who are abroad, I am telling – come back. You have to share your success with your compatriots. We in Armenia - the presidential institute, the government, and the National Assembly, owe it to you because you are defending the best part our country – Chinari.”


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