11, 2019

President Sarkissian visited the Ijevan branch of the Yerevan State University: It is possible to live a modern life out of our city too

President Armen Sarkissian, who is in Tavush marz on a working visit, today together with his spouse Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian visited the Ijevan branch of the Yerevan State University, met with the faculty and students.

President Sarkissian conversed with the students, responded to their questions and told about his impressions of visits to the border communities of the region. He also advised the young people and urged to use their time allocated for education efficiently.

“It is important that each of you is educated broadly. If you study mathematics and decide to stick to it, becoming a one-sided person, you will not fulfill what we as a nation, as a people, as a state are expecting from you. We expect you first and foremost to be comprehensively educated and honest, people of scruples,” the President noted.

The President said that he was impressed with his visit to the border communities of the marz and by strong-willed and hardworking, creative people holding strong to their land.

“Armenia is not just Yerevan. It is essential that you realize that it is quite possible to live outside big cities but still live a modern life. One can engage in husbandry, agriculture, use modern technologies, create competitive products and have a wonderful life in this wonderful place,
” the President underscored. “Our goal is to make the life standard in villages and in cities similar, so that things available in Yerevan become available here too.”

President Armen Sarkissian and Mrs. Nouneh Sarkissian observed also the exhibition of the creative works of the University students.

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