12, 2019

President Sarkissian hosted members of the Armenian National Federation of Disabled Sports: I thank you for your strong spirit

President Armen Sarkissian hosted today members of the RA National Federation of Disabled Sports headed by the President of the Federation Sargys Stepanian.

Recently, representatives of the Federation participated at the World Cup on Armwrestling for disabled athletes in Poland and returned home with 5 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 1 bronze medal.

Sargys Stepanian thanked the President of Armenia for his constant attention and assistance in the team’s participation to the World Cup. He spoke about the activities of the Federation, forthcoming plans and projects.

“The most important mission of our Federation is to unite around a healthy idea, to be strong, never surrender and set an example for others,” the President of the RA Federation of Disabled Sports said. “We would like to thank you for your assistance and for standing by the disabled sports. Today we have these results because of you.”

President Sarkissian congratulated the athletes on the results they came back to the Fatherland with and underscored that the victorious athletes set an example and become a source of inspiration for others.

“I thank you for your strong spirit. Winners in sports are the individuals who are first and foremost strong in spirit. I am confident that the technical and psychological state is very important for you as well as strong spirit, so be strong,” President Sarkissian said. “I am amazed with your willpower. Sometimes it is very easy to despair, to go to extremes. God gave you all life, and if something is not right, it doesn’t mean anything,” Armen Sarkissian added.

The President brought the example of the world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking and noted that even though he had problems with mobility and speech, he was able to amaze the entire world with his willpower and passion for life.

“Strong spirit is the most important thing. No illness, no disability can break your willpower, if you don’t break down, no physical disability or incapacity can make you inactive in your life,”
the President said. He wished the athletes success and new achievements.

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