12, 2019

Response of the Public Relations Department of the Presidential Administration to the inquires of the mass media related to the signing of the law on the amendments in the constitutional law “On Constitutional Court”

After the President of Armenia signed into the law the constitutional law on the amendments to the law “On Constitutional Court”, the Public Relations Department of the Presidential Administration has received a number of inquiries from the mass media on what the decision of the President was based on, whether there was any kind of pressure on the President to sign the law, whether different positions regarding the law were taken into consideration while adopting the decision on signing the law, and how this decision will influence the resolution of the crisis associated with the Constitutional Court.

In response to the mentioned above inquiries, we inform that the President of Armenia studied in detail the law on the amendments to the law “On Constitutional Court”, as well as pertinent positions of various political forces, public and political figures, legal and science experts, and publications in the mass media.

Related to this issue, the President also heard the viewpoints of the political fractions, expert community, and representatives of the civil society during his meeting with them.

Considered was also the opinion of international experts, international experience related to the Law and expert conclusion of the Council of Europe’s European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission).

Opinions and arguments related to the law are often have ethical and emotional lining and result from different, often conflicting, approaches manifested during the interpretation of legal norms, as well as from political interests.

The President, guided exclusively by state and pan-national interests and considering the importance of ensuring a normal functioning of the Constitutional Court, signed the Law, based on the conviction that during the operational period of the Law, members of the Constitutional Court, as mentioned in the conclusion of the Venice Commission “without undue pressure (political or individual)”, with no deviation from the principle of free will, will express their attitude toward it, accepting or rejecting the opportunity to retire as defined by the Law.

Viewing as necessary to ensure efficient cooperation in the spirit of partnership among legislative, executive, and judicial authorities as well as state institutions, the President is welcoming the intention of the government of the Republic of Armenia to form an expert commission on constitutional reforms. The Presidential Administration will also participate in the works of the mentioned commission.

Public Relations Department of the Presidential Administration

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