04, 2020

Message of President Armen Sarkissian: today we are taking a test on patriotism, professionalism, humanism, and morality

Beloved Compatriots in Armenia, Artsakh, and Spyurk:

The fight to defeat the pandemic of the coronavirus goes on. We are living and working under the conditions of an emergency situation. These conditions may sometime seem too harsh. However, we all have to realize that all the taken measures are essential. They are essential to save lives, to preserve and protect your health.

This is a fight against an invisible enemy. We need to understand that any difficulty is temporary and surmountable.

History teaches us not to despair and overcome hardship. Let’s remember that we went through a natural disaster – the Spitak earthquake. We lived and worked in difficult war conditions. We won in the Artsakh war for freedom and built our new, independent Fatherland.

Success in the fight against the coronavirus also depends on us, on how united, unified, organized, responsible and disciplined we are.

Dear Friends,

Our elderly and citizens with health issues are the most vulnerable in this fight. My all thoughts and emotions, as I am sure yours too, are first and foremost with them and about them. They need love and care. Our efforts should be aimed at protecting them.

I am deeply aware of the difficult situation which our socially vulnerable and needy compatriots have found themselves in. I understand that the taken steps have not yet changed largely your conditions. Along with state assistance, it is very important to support each other.

Let’s help our neighbors, friends and strangers, those who need it now. Today, we refrain from shaking hands. But never ever must we refrain from giving a helping hand.

Beloved Compatriots,

I thank you for the patience and understanding you manifest these days. I thank you also for responding responsibly to the emergency situation.

I would like to express special thanks to the heroes of our days – to all workers of the healthcare system, from doctors and nurses to ambulance car drivers. They are at the frontline of today’s fight. I believe we all appreciate anew their dedicated work. I thank also volunteer students and teaching staff who stand by the sick today.

I thank the government employees – policemen, military servicemen, rescuers and diplomats who in these trying times continue to carry out their duties with honor.
I thank teachers and students of distant learning, store cashiers and cleaning staff, taxi cab drivers, all those who these days shoulder the state’s and society’s heavy load.

Please convey my love and gratitude to the youngest, the most beloved and precious members of our society, to our big and small children. For them too, it is very difficult to stay home in these spring days. But that very generation tomorrow will overcome any difficulty that may come.

I thank all families that have been self-isolating in their homes.

I also thank all small, medium and major entrepreneurs. The country’s economy, which today is under immense pressure, rests on their shoulders. Cooperation between the state and businesses must be strong. We should emerge from this situation through the joint efforts of mutual understanding and mutual assistance.

I feel particular pain and grief for the loss of our nation’s sons and daughters in Armenia and different corners of the world. I send my condolences to their families and friends.

Beloved Friends,

Along with the coronavirus tests, today we take a test on patriotism, professionalism, humanism, and morality. These tests will define our tomorrow.

There is no doubt that the coronavirus will recede. We will resume our normal life. I am looking forward to the day when grandpas and grandmas will hug their grandchildren again, when mothers will take their kids to kindergartens, when students will go to universities, schoolchildren - to schools, when young people together with their loved ones and friends will pack the parks, streets, coffee shops, our villages and towns.

That day will certainly come. But before it comes, we need to remain disciplined, responsible, and organized.

Be healthy, be alert.

Be caring and kind.

God bless us all.




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