04, 2020

President Sarkissian sent congratulations on the occasion of the Police Day: I hope in the future too, we will have a Police which will be highly respected by the citizens

President Armen Sarkissian today through a video conference congratulated the members of the RA Police Board headed by the Chief of Police Arman Sargsyan as well as the entire Police force on the occasion of the professional holiday – the Police Day.

“I congratulate you all, all our compatriots who serve in the Police. Your uniform is the one which embodies and presents our statehood which ought to be highly respected by all citizens: it is respect toward our state, statehood, law and order,” the President noted. “It means that your work is not that simple: it implies firmness when it comes to law and order, and, at the same time, implies the highest human values, such as care, attention, because very often you are the first to come to the places where individuals have not breached the law but on the contrary, need help. I hope, I want to be confident that all employees of the Police force carry out with honor the great duty they have.”

According to President Sarkissian, in these difficult times conditioned by the pandemic, the Police are once again stands at the frontline. “We all know that there is no medical, healthcare solution to the pandemic yet, no vaccine, which could help people, which means that social distance remains the containment mode. It is important that our public, each citizen is disciplined and responsible,” the President underscored. “Many of your colleagues are at the frontline of this fight. I am aware that some of our and your colleagues have contracted the coronavirus in the line of duty. Mr. Sargsyan, please convey my wishes for good health to them and tell them that we highly appreciate their dedication and dutiful work. They put into danger their life and health to remind the citizens that discipline is the way to fight the coronavirus.”

President Sarkissian stressed the importance of citizens’ trust and respect toward the Police and noted that the Police activities have a large scope, ranging from law enforcement to upholding public order and attention toward citizens. “Today we have, and I hope will have in the future, Police highly respected by the citizens and in the policeman we will see not only the law enforcing officer but also a person or persons who will come to our aid in time of need.”

President Sarkissian wished them all good health and safe service, “You all have strong hands which uphold law and order, protect our citizens and their rights and there is no contradiction in the fact that a person in the uniform along with strong hands can also be a loving and caring, with soft heart, sound logic and clear judgment. These are features which create the police force which our people deserve, which you deserve. Your uniform means a lot.”

The President conveyed his good wishes also to the families of police officers and noted that they are having hard times too.

The Chief of Police Arman Sargsyan thanked the President of Armenia for congratulations, good wishes and appreciation. “I would like on behalf of the entire police force, junior, middle and high-ranking servicemen to thank you for appreciating our work and for your thoughtful attitude,” the Head of Police said.

He assured the President of Armenia that especially now, during the pandemic, the entire police force serves the people and the law dutifully, with great responsibility.
“In the course of this pandemic, especially junior officers presented themselves as well-mannered, civilized policemen. We hear words of gratitude for their attitude. And it will become modus operandi for all,” the Chief of Police added.

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