12, 2020

It is important to me to put the country onto the right path at least a little. President Armen Sarkissian met with public representatives in Gyumri

During his working visit to Gyumri last weekend, President Armen Sarkissian met with public representatives and discussed the situation in the country.

Considering the country's interest a priority, the President particularly emphasized: “It is important to me to put the country onto the right path at least a little bit.” President Sarkissian noted that he had met with the Prime Minister, and his opponents; he would continue to meet them, trying to bring everybody to one table. “From the first day, as President, I have proposed a solution that is very simple and ordinary. The Government resigns because it is very difficult to continue when you have lost,” said President Sarkissian. “At this, if the Government were not to blame at all, all the same that page should be closed and started again in order to give hope, because people live with hope. In the early 1990s, there was no gas, no wood, and people were hungry, but they hoped that we would win the war, and have a state, etc.

We have a huge potential to move the country forward. And if we do not wake up today, and do not decide to use our "oil", our wealth, i.e. our people, we will suffer a greater defeat in five-ten years. We are one of the very few nations that are a small state, but a global nation; we must be able to use that advantage.

The hardest thing for me in these two and a half years has been the fact that I worked every day, but I gave this country three percent of my potential, I am not an Executive President. My only tool is my word, and the word gives people hope. My dream is to create conditions for the next generation to come to power with their mindset, attitude, culture, devotion, and honesty, and these people to lead the country ten, twenty years forward.”

The participants of the meeting asked various questions to the President of the Republic.

“Do we have upcoming programs and steps? Now, the question of saving the state is raised.” Answering this question of a participant, President Sarkissian particularly noted: “I have expressed my opinion. There is one legal way. Why is it necessary to change the Government? First of all, the Prime Minister needs this. After this, there will be problems every day, a thousand and one problems of the displaced, food, fuel, coronavirus, etc. Where will these guys, who returned injured, work tomorrow, in what economy? Naturally, all these questions will be addressed to the Government.

If we want to have normal elections, we must change the Electoral Code; we must make changes in the Constitution. The only way is to have a professional Government, and let all the other politicians prepare for the elections in a year or a year and a half. These people should have time to consolidate themselves, new leaders should come forth, especially the young ones.

One thing is clear, we should not lie; we cannot say that we have held elections, but not to do it; that we have a Government we trust, but in reality we do not; that we have a Constitution we are happy with but in reality we are not; that we have an Electoral Code ... We must change the Electoral Code so that it is balanced. You must know the deputy you personally elected. He must be obliged to meet with his voters, and present what he has done.

We must have time to make changes. At the same time, today we must return the victorious spirit very quickly.”

“What can I do as a teacher in today's reality?” In response to the question asked by a pedagogue present at the meeting, the President said that a teacher does one of the most important things: educates children. "In ten or twenty years, these children might not even know what happened today; many of our young people do not remember 1988 or the war of the 1990s. However, it is very important that these children, who are your pupils today, be healthy in body and soul and get the right knowledge,” said the President said, “You are doing one of the most important things to move the country forward. All our changes must start at school. The word ‘teacher’ is as important to me as the words ‘varpet’ or ‘ousta’ (a master) for the people in Gyumri. The master is not only the person who is a carpenter, he is also the one who has pupils and builds a school. You are a master of your craft, in your profession.

There are two very important issues: people's health and education. Everything else is their consequence. You are at the forefront, you must do everything for the children to receive a good education, no matter how difficult it is, no matter how good the textbooks are.

Education is the most important thing. I would like to say once more: you must do what you do. You need to keep educating children because there is no other way.

You cannot imagine the depth of our pit; but all the same, those children should not suffer, they should receive education.”


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