02, 2021

The response of the Office of the President of the Republic to media questions

The Office of the President of the Republic received the proposal to dismiss Onik Gasparyan, the Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, after the announcement of the highest command staff of the RA Armed Forces.

According to the RA Constitution, the President of the Republic has three days to express his position. So far, the President, proceeding from the need to ensure the normal functioning of state bodies, has had no fundamental objections to the appointment or dismissal of officials.

However, in the situation of martial law, under the current crisis, and after the above-mentioned statement, the dismissal of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces is not a regular personnel change, taking into account that according to the RA Constitution, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia ensure the defense, security, territorial integrity, and inviolability of the borders of the Republic of Amenia.

In the current situation, no one should try to involve the President in the political processes in any way. Any attempt to put pressure on the President is inadmissible.

The President of the Republic is not on the side of anyone or any political force, he has never been, and he is not going to be. In his functions, the President is guided exclusively by the interests of the state and the people.

President Sarkissian gives due weight to the atmosphere of stability and tolerance in the country; he will continue to do his best in that direction, being convinced that the problems should be resolved through a dialogue and not through confrontation.

The priority of the moment for the President is to relax the existing tension in the country and resolve the situation peacefully, and all his actions are aimed at that.


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