04, 2021

To build a truly new and strong Homeland is our obligation. On the Festive Day of Motherhood and Beauty, President Armen Sarkissian presented state awards to a group of servicewomen

By decrees of the President of the Republic of Armenia, a group of servicewomen received state awards for their contribution to the defense of Homeland, and their courage and commitment, shown during armed hostilities.

Today, President Armen Sarkissian presented state awards at the Presidential Residence. On the Festive Day of Motherhood and Beauty, a group of female health workers, as well as representatives of the President's Office, received gifts. A special gift from the President of the Republic was donated to Rima Demirchyan, spouse of the RA National Hero Karen Demirchyan.

Congratulating on the holiday, President Sarkissian noted that Armenian mothers are not only the reliable mainstay of the family but also, when needed, they can put on a military uniform to defend their Homeland.

The President noted that women, regardless of their profession, express themselves in their best qualities. "Before this meeting, I was talking to the Minister of Defense, and he briefly presented your heroic deeds. I bow my head before you.”

Every one of you deserves not only congratulations but also the immense love of your family, your husband and parents, and the great love of our entire nation. Our nurses, military nurses, were soldiers and doctors, and also sisters and mothers; they tried to do their best to save the lives of our boys.

"I must talk about mothers who have lost their sons and daughters. The loss of thousands of our brilliant young people is an immense loss for all of us and their families. All of us, first of all the state, have a duty to remember those families, to remember the boys and girls, who sacrificed their lives during the war, as well as those who returned injured, and those who continue to serve."

The President of the Republic expressed special gratitude to the female health workers, particularly noting: "The epidemic has taken away about as many peoples’ lives as the war, and continues to take," he said. "There is a front here, too. We all need participation, we need vigilance and discipline."

Concluding his speech, President Sarkissian stressed that everyone should do their best to build a strong Homeland. "To build a truly new and strong Homeland is our obligation. I am confident that together we will help to set our Homeland on feet, and the days of new victories and pride will come," said the President of the Republic. "We must all move forward, together, holding hands, without distinguishing colours and views. We are all in the same house. We need to build a brighter and safer future for our children so that they can continue living in this historical and beautiful Homeland for which our young people gave their lives."


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