05, 2021

Thanks to you, lives were saved on the front line, far from it, in clinics and hospitals, and on the battlefield. By the decrees of President Armen Sarkissian, a group of healthcare employees received awards

By decrees of the President of the Republic of Armen Sarkissian for their contribution and dedication to providing the servicemen and civilians affected by the war necessary medical and humanitarian aid, also their contribution to organizing and implementing prevention and control of the coronavirus pandemic, and treatment of infected patients, a group of healthcare employees received medals.

Today, the solemn awarding ceremony took place at the Residence of the President of the Republic.

President Armen Sarkissian handed the high state awards and thanked the medical staff and representatives of the healthcare system for their dedicated work.

In his speech, President Sarkissian particularly said, "This ceremony should have taken place much earlier. However, the pandemic and the war mixed up many plans. But neither COVID nor the war was able to influence your mission. Rather, they further emphasized your important presence in the lives of all of us.

Thanks to you, lives were saved again on the front line and far away in clinics and hospitals, on the battlefield under different conditions. You still save lives, the lives of our sons and daughters ...

Some of you and your colleagues were both fighting against the pandemic and in the centre of the hostilities. We all know about it, and we appreciate it very much.

Unfortunately, the pandemic and the war did not spare many of your colleagues. They sacrificed their lives for the sake of saving another life: familiar and unfamiliar life, a soldier’s life, the life of a child or an adult...

I invite you to observe a minute of silence to honour the memory of all the medical workers who died in the war, in the fight against the pandemic, and who sacrificed themselves for the sake of health and safety...

Dear medical workers,

You have different biographies, and you have passed different paths of life. But you have one thing in common: you all save human lives, in the most direct sense of the word. Your professional activity is a struggle for human life and health.

During that struggle, you often forget about yourself, family and relatives. And a patient becomes your only relative, and your only concern is to save and help him, and make him healthy again. I am sure you have heard and will still hear many words of thanks and appreciation. I join to them with all my heart.

Thank you all for your work, your compassion, your dedication, and your care. Of course, no assessment or word can be adequate to what you have done and are doing today.

Congratulations to all of you; I wish you health, peace, and all the best. Be healthy so that we can all be healthy as well.

May God protect our country, its sons and daughters, you, your families, and nears and dears.”


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