06, 2021

President of the Republic Armen Sarkissian’s appeal on launching the pre-election campaign

Today, the pre-election campaign for the snap elections to the National Assembly has officially started in the Republic of Armenia.

These elections are taking place in exceptionally complex crisis conditions, when our people and state are going through difficult trials.

I appeal to all parties and blocs that have applied to run in the elections to be as restrained as possible, to respect the electorate and the opponents to the maximum, to show prudence and tolerance, and to carry out the electoral process in an atmosphere of civilized political culture.

I suggest all political forces not deepen the crisis, not cross the borders of morality, and not pay tribute to dishonest propaganda technologies through their activities, behaviour, and words, and stay faithful to our national values ​​and collective goal.

All state institutions must regard their duties with maximal responsibility.

Law enforcement agencies have a particularly heavy obligation. They must act with full responsibility and professionalism to guarantee the rule of law, and to ensure public order and a normal course of elections.

I appeal to all voters to take an active part in the elections and express our attitude towards any political force or politician, deeply realizing that we are making a choice for the future of our country, the prospects of development, and the welfare of our generations.

Wishing success to all the parties and blocs participating in the elections, I would like to remind you that these elections, snap and extraordinary, being fateful for the country, are a normal political process, which must be treated with great responsibility, and which the state of Armenia and our people must overcome with dignity. 

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