06, 2021

Armenian-Russian interaction confidently develops in all directions․ President Armen Sarkissian sent a congratulatory message to Russian President Vladimir Putin

On Russia Day, President Armen Sarkissian sent a congratulatory message to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The message says:

"Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich,

I cordially congratulate you on the state holiday of the Russian Federation - Russia Day.

In the modern history of the Russian Federation, this significant day is inseparably linked with the impressive achievements and profound reforms in the country's political, social-economic, and public life, and with its increasing role and prestige on the international arena.

I note with satisfaction that the Armenian-Russian interaction is developing confidently in all directions. The friendly nature of cooperation between Armenia and Russia is invariably reflected in the framework of bilateral format, as well as integration structures and other multilateral platforms.

I am convinced that the future-oriented Armenian-Russian allied relations, based on the centuries-old friendship of the brotherly peoples of our countries, will continue to predetermine the joint steps of Yerevan and Moscow for the benefit of developing our states and strengthening stability and security in the South Caucasus.

I wish you good health and well-being, and the people of Russia peace and prosperity."


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