06, 2021

In October, Armenia will host the prestigious international Summit of Minds for the third time

In October this year, Armenia will host the prestigious international Summit of Minds for the third time.

The Summit of Minds held in the French city of Chamonix has been hosted in Armenia since 2019. The exceptional agreement on organizing the event had been reached in September 2018, when President of the Republic of Armenia Armen Sarkissian participated as the keynote speaker at the Annual Summit of Minds.

In 2021, the Armenian Summit of Minds will be held at the Central Bank Training and Research Centre in Dilijan. The co-organizers of the Summit - President of the Republic of Armenia Armen Sarkissian, President of the Central Bank of Armenia Martin Galstyan, and the Founder of the Monthly Barometer Thierry Malleret - stated this fact during an online meeting with the Summit participants.

Welcoming the participants, President Armen Sarkissian particularly noted: "I think many of us miss the Summit of Minds. This year, there will be not one but several summits: in Chamonix, Dilijan, and Washington. These three summits show that people are really interested in what the summit participants think about one or another issue."

The meeting focused on the main topics of this year's summit, which will relate to the geopolitics of the South Caucasian region, as well as technological development issues.

"When I think about Armenia, I want to think about the future: how to rebuild the country, learn from our mistakes and making the right decisions, build a new Armenia, which will be connected with new technologies and ideas," said President Sarkissian, "People are the most powerful resource that Armenia has. I am one of those who believe that human resources are much richer, much more important and more powerful than anything else. I think countries that are rich in other natural resources have no choice but to develop human resources through them because that is the future, that is the 21st century."

The 'Summit of Minds must continue in Armenia; it must study the future of special technologies (artificial intelligence and biotechnology), and understand how 2021 differs from 2019."

The Summit co-founder Thierry Malleret, the founder of the Monthly Barometer, is pleased to hold the Summit of Minds in Armenia. "The first Armenian Summit of Minds, which was held in Dilijan in 2019, was a great success; the second one was held distantly in 2020, due to two negative shocks: the coronavirus and the war. Undoubtedly, the third will have exceptional success. The Summit of Minds brings great thinkers, remarkable participants, and well-known investors together to think about making tomorrow's world a better place," said Thierry Malleret. "It is important that we can focus on geopolitics, artificial intelligence, and how they can help make our countries' economies more stable and progressive."

Chairman of Armenia's Central Bank Martin Galstyan noted that the Central Bank Training and Research Centre in Dilijan is ready to receive the Summit participants this time as well. "Two years ago, the Armenian Summit of Minds was launched in Armenia. It brought together wonderful people under one roof to think about the future. We combined our creative thinking and energy to answer two important questions: what will the future be like, and what can we do about it? The last two years have shown that these were the right questions to answer," said Martin Galstyan, "The world can change unpredictably and very quickly. This leads to this year's Armenian Summit of Minds on regional geopolitics and technology development in the 21st century.

About three hundred famous and influential politicians, scientists, business-investors, heads of major companies, and media from around the world attend the Summit of Minds. The main goal of this event is to present new ideas on the most significant issues of global interest, and establish mutually trusting partnerships through direct discussions.

Holding such an event in Armenia, the visit of influential individuals and leaders representing the business, scientific and political spheres will contribute to raising the international reputation of our country. The summit is a unique opportunity from the viewpoint of presenting Armenia's potential, developing new areas of cooperation, and establishing business ties.



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