10, 2021

New realities and technological developments are an opportunity for Armenia to gain access to all world wealth. "Talks of the future" of President Armen Sarkissian and Deputy Director of Yandex Tigran Khudaverdyan

At the Armenian Summit of Minds, being held in Dilijan, President Armen Sarkissian had a discussion with Tigran Khudaverdyan, Deputy Director of the Russian Yandex Company, within the framework of "Talks of the Future."

The discussion focused on the latest technologies and their impact on various fields.

Responding to President Sarkissian’s observation on the future tendencies of technological development and on Armenia acting as a beneficiary in that sphere, Tigran Khudaverdyan particularly noted that the pandemic, in addition to many painful consequences, has also caused some changes in the world, and in these new realities, Armenia can benefit as well. "For many years, there have been talks about how to organize distant learning, and distant work. We watched American movies about virtual reality thirty years ago, but all that remained only our dream. Because of the pandemic, humanity's attitude towards both educational technologies and distant work has radically changed," said the Deputy Director of Yandex.- Armenia is in a place that is difficult to access in terms of transport and logistics. This means that Armenia has the opportunity to become part of the world where roads are virtual. And it is possible through internet technologies. This is a new world where Armenia can win."

According to Tigran Khudaverdyan, new realities are new opportunities for Armenia. "It is difficult for a small country like Armenia to have such a developed educational system as developed countries have because teachers, professors, and scientists must be invited here. It is expensive. However, if we are talking about a world where one can get education sitting in Armenia, and a professor can be anywhere in the world, then a person in Armenia in such a world finds himself on an equal footing with another person anywhere in the world," stressed the Deputy Director of Yandex. - "An educated person should have the opportunity to have a job, and today one of the options to have a good job is emigration. The coronavirus has caused the world's leading companies to radically change their attitude towards hiring people remotely.

Now all our partner companies have started hiring people remotely, as there are technologies that make telecommuting more comfortable. In addition, people's consciousness has changed.

This is a great opportunity for Armenia, on the one hand, to preserve itself, and on the other hand, to gain access to all this world wealth."

President Sarkissian and Tigran Khudaverdyan agreed that the entire network, knowledge and talent of the Diaspora should be used to strengthen Armenia.


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