11, 2021

We must have an open model state to be able to properly use our main wealth: human potential. President Armen Sarkissian met with a group of future journalists

The President of the Republic Armen Sarkissian met with a group of students participating in the EU-funded media support project "European Media Facility Armenia - Building a Sustainable and Professional Media" and the representatives of the team of professionals working with them. The project is implemented by Factor TV, jointly with the BBC Media Action and Deutsche Welle Akademie.

In the conversation with future journalists, President Sarkissian particularly touched upon to the development prospects of our country, stressing the significance of creating an open model state, based on national identity and national values. "We are a global nation, and our state model must also be open because our wealth is people, we must be able to use that potential properly," said the President. "We must advance toward science and new technologies, have high quality products for export." According to the President, for this, it is significant to follow the tendencies of scientific and technological development in the world and build our vision, taking them into account.

"Small states that correctly perceive their place in the future succeed. Our only wealth is our people worldwide, whereas we have decided not to use them, " said the President. - We teach the Diaspora that your only function is charity; we do not encourage the Diaspora to invest. We must create all the conditions, allow them to participate in the development of our country."

The President noted that the open model of the state would also prevent emigration. "Today, when many Armenians succeed, the first thing they think about is leaving Armenia. In case the society was open, people would not think about leaving. As a result of the closed model, there will be constant evaporation," said President Sarkissian. - That is why today I say: we need to change the Constitution. It does not matter whether it is presidential or parliamentary, it is significant that the power is balanced. You need tools so that you can exercise containment.”

The President also attached importance to realizing and preserving national identity. "The meaning and purpose of our living as a people come from the identity. You need to know exactly who you are as an individual or as a people, what you live for. Identity is also the passport of the state."

President Sarkissian urged future journalists to be committed to the values ​​of journalism and principles of morality, to be able to keep pace with the times, to raise journalism to a new quality through their work.

The President of the Republic also answered the questions of the future journalists.



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