12, 2021

We must understand that we are entering a completely different era for humanity, which has one formulation - quantum. President Armen Sarkissian participated online in the Ada Lovelace Festival

President of the Republic Armen Sarkissian participated online in the Ada Lovelace Festival in Germany, held under the title "Quantum World" this year.

The Festival, named after mathematician Ada Lovelace, is a unique platform for tech talents and tech enthusiasts alike to discuss the impact of technological changes on different areas of life. Representatives of the German government and world leading technology companies are taking part in the Festival.

Within the framework of the Festival, the President of the Republic Armen Sarkissian answered the questions on the challenges of the changing world, and quantum policy.

" I call what we are witnessing now R-evolution, that is, rapid evolution," said the President. - In other words, we will live in a period of constant rapid evolution, where quantum computing will completely change our lives. I am sure that the people who are present at the conference are well aware of that."

President Sarkissian noted we must realize that we live in a world, which is completely different even from the world thirty years ago. "The way we communicate, the fact that everyone has a device in their hands that contains a wealth of information, the fact that people can express their ideas in social media, and the way we manage our healthcare system have totally changed our planet," he said, - The planet has now become smaller, more crowded, and very fast. Each of us leads two lives. We have our material life, also the electronic or alternative life that is constantly with us. That life is absolutely quantum in the sense that it travels at the speed of light, allowing us to receive large-scale information. That life also affects our material life. ”

Answering the question about the impact of technological changes on the politics, President Sarkissian noted that the politics is changing. "Thirty, fifty or a hundred years ago, classical politics was implemented through a parliamentary, presidential or monarchical structure, through international structures. "Everything is different today," he said. - You vote not every five years but at least five times a day through Facebook. Democracy has changed. The political events in the world over the last 10-15 years have become very unpredictable and unstable. We need to understand that we are entering a completely different era for humanity, which has one formulation - quantum."

According to President Sarkissian, in the future, people will make decisions with the help of artificial intelligence. "To compare what can happen, I will give an example from different areas of our lives. Take chess, for example. It's a great game. I am proud to say that every child in Armenia learns chess from the first grade at school because it is a fantastic tool to develop logic, concentration, and thinking discipline," said the President. -Today, chess combines a person of fantastic talent and a computer. No one can become a world champion today if he is not computer-trained. In other words, it has become an excellent helper that can analyze all possible moves. Tomorrow, a super-powerful computer, using artificial intelligence, can help chess players make the right moves. But in any case, the chess players will be individuals because chess is not just about making the right move. It is entirely different when you see the person sitting in front of you: you have a struggle of personalities, characters, knowledge, and cultures; perhaps, even a battle of morality. In other words, the decision-maker will be the person, but artificial intelligence will support him. The same will be in politics. People will make decisions, but artificial intelligence will help them."



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