01, 2022

President of the Republic Armen Sarkissian’s message on the Army Day

Dear compatriots,

Today is the Army Day. The Armenian Armed Forces are 30 years old.

Regardless of the situation, our Army has been and remains the guarantor and protector of our security and identity.

Let us remember with gratitude and bowing all those who fought for our Motherland, Armenia, and Artsakh, who sacrificed their lives for our independence and freedom.

I wish health to all the injured ...

Together with all of you, I look forward to our captive compatriots. We must continue our efforts to return them home and quickly find the missing.

We must all be united with the Army, keep its back strong, strengthen it, and consolidate around the army.

The army and education are the most important cornerstones of our statehood. The world is changing rapidly, and it depends on us how to use these changes for the well-being of our state and people.

For this, we must have educated citizens ready to defend our Homeland, organized, disciplined, technically equipped, technologically advanced and efficient Armed Forces, a competitive and developing economy, and, of course, a society that is ready to support the Army at all times.

Dear servicemen,

Every one of you is the unique axis of the Army.

Our Homeland and we all look at you with hope and faith, respect, pride, and confidence; we will build new victories together.

Glory to the Armenian Army!


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