02, 2022

Alen Simonyan received a group of art and culture figures

Acting President of the Republic of Armenia Alen Simonyan received People's Artists of the Armenian SSR Ruben Matevosyan, Robert Amirkhanyan, Nara Shlepchyan, People's Artist of the USSR, National Hero of Armenia Hovhannes Tchekidjyan, People's Artist of the Republic of Armenia Rafael Kotanjyan, Honoured Artist of the Republic of Armenia Evelina Shahiryan and RA Honoured Worker of Culture, the Chairman of the Union of Writers of Armenia Edward Militonyan.

Welcoming the guests, Alen Simonyan noted that it is a great honour to host them, and emphasized their invaluable contribution to the development and enrichment of Armenian culture.

They discussed issues related to culture and various branches of art at the solemn reception. Veterans of Armenian culture attached great importance to the state care of art and the necessity of presenting Armenian culture in the best way in various world venues.

At the end of the meeting, Robert Amirkhanyan performed some of his famous pieces at the request of those present. 

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