03, 2022

Acting President of the Republic Alen Simonyan sent a congratulatory message on March 8, Women's Day

Dear women,

I warmly congratulate you on this holiday.

Women's Day is a holiday of joy, positive emotions and thoughts, the source of which is you,
dear women, as mothers and wives, as daughters and sisters.

You are destiny and at the same time, you decide destiny.

You think about family even when you do not have a family, you think about a child even before it is born because the love and concern in you never end, but begin with your birth.

Dear women,

The official holiday dedicated to you is celebrated in March, the first month of spring; however, you bring spring regardless of the season with your essence and femininity, with your unique ability of giving warmth, happiness and love, with

qualities inherent only in you, and a mission, God and nature gave only to you, women.

I wish that love for you never diminishes because I believe that it never diminishes in you.

Health, peace, happiness and all the best to you, your families and relatives!




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