07, 2022

President Vahagn Khachaturyan participated in the diploma award ceremony of ASUE’s alumni

Today, President Vahagn Khachaturyan participated in the diploma awarding ceremony of the alumni of the Armenian State University of Economics.

The President congratulated the future economists and wished them luck.

In his speech, President Khachturyan particularly noted:

“Now, in front of me are people called alumni, and I want to understand what emotions they feel. I want to picture myself in your place as it was in 1980 when I was an alumnus myself. I was graduating from the Yerevan Institute of People’s Economy, the successor of which is this University.

The difference is significant not only from the viewpoint of time but also content. Back then we were a part of the Soviet Union, while now you are the alumni of the University of Economics of the Republic of Armenia, an independent country.

The most important achievement, the value of which you haven’t fully realized yet, is that you are free people. This is a turning point for you: you are getting your diplomas and turning a page in your life. Thus, a new page opens, which will be more interesting and surprising, full of good and bad moments, and, surely, full of new achievements.

The extent to which you will be successful and satisfied with your place in society, in the country, depends upon yourselves. You are independent people, which is very important. Remember, that you will be making your way on your own. Up until now, there were those who helped you, those who taught you: your parents, your school teachers, university professors, and maybe at some point, there will be others to support you too, but they will not be by your side forever. You yourselves will be responsible for your actions.

The freedom you have as citizens of the Republic of Armenia is also a responsibility before what you have learnt here and how you will use your knowledge. You are the happiest people in the world: you are young, strong and vigorous, have your own initiatives, big opportunities, and, most importantly, dreams. And you will be the ones to bring your dreams to life.

Once again, your dreams and your success depend on yourselves.

I am sure that the knowledge you have gained during those years will be useful in your professional and everyday life, as I have no doubts that your professors were true professionals.

I know many of them in person, have studied and conducted scientific activities with them, and I know that those people treat their profession responsibly. I am sure that you will become worthy citizens of the Republic of Armenia. You will be the people who will develop our country. You are the only ones capable of that, as you are armed with knowledge, educated and thereby can help our country, our people, and our Motherland, ensuring our safety and strength to withstand all challenges.

I cordially wish you success, happiness and sound health, and I wish all of us to truly manage to make our country flourish with our knowledge.


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