11, 2022

The newly appointed Ambassador of Cyprus Kypros Giorgallis presented his credentials to President Vahagn Khachaturyan

The newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus Kypros Giorgallis (residence in Moscow) presented his credentials to President Vahagn Khachaturyan.

Congratulating the Ambassador, President Khachaturyan expressed hope that the diplomatic experience of Ambassador Giorgallis will contribute to the further strengthening of Armenian-Cypriot relations and the development of multi-layered cooperation.

The President particularly noted: “We, indeed, have a lot to do together, as only through joint struggle can we overcome the Azeri-Turkish plans. And most importantly, as two countries, we have no disagreements, on the contrary, I believe we should develop and intertwine our relations even further.”

Touching upon the possible directions of cooperation, the President emphasized that Armenia is ready to have a multi-layered cooperation with Cyprus and in this connection, it would be advisable to have Cyprus’s permanent diplomatic mission in Armenia.

During the meeting, the sides touched upon the perspectives of the trilateral Armenia-Greece-Cyprus meeting and the importance of such meetings.  

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