11, 2022

A solemn awarding ceremony took place at the Residence of the President

By the decrees of the President, a group of individuals were granted high state awards for their contribution and effective work in numerous fields. Hakop (Hrayr) Sahak Hovaguimian was awarded with the Order of Motherland.

During the solemn award ceremony held at the Presidential Residence, President Vahagn Khachaturyan handed high state awards.

The President congratulated all the awardees and wished them success.

“There are a lot of military officials among the awardees that are protecting our borders now and hence, couldn’t be here today. I would very much like for them to be here, so that we could see and get to know our heroes, but they are pursuing their heroic duty. I am thankful to all those who received these awards, I am thankful to the soldiers, who guarantee our safe life today,” said President Khachaturyan.

According to the President, there are a lot of people in different fields, who deserve special attention from the State. “The State has certain duties that it is obliged to carry out, and one of these duties is awarding the worthy citizens, presenting them to the society in a unique way, which can arise excitement in the society.

I want to single out Mr. Hrayr Hovaguimian. I am confident that many of the present know him and his contributions. I’ve known him since 1993. He received the highest award of the Republic of Armenia - title of National Hero, and once again, I want to express gratitude to him on the behalf of all of us for the tremendous work he has selflessly been doing since 1993. Mr. Hovaguimian, I wish you success. Keep on sharing your experience with the young generation,” said the president, “As it happened, we are granting multi-content awards and titles today. There is one thing uniting you all. All of you use your professional skills and knowledge at a high level in your work and have been granted these high awards and titles by the State. This unites you all and is an example for all of us.

This is how we as a state try to give you credit. Trust me, you deserve more. You all inspire us with your work.

We are living in tough times. We all try to solve the issues together: each of us does our job. The Ministry of Defence does its job, the Sundukyan theatre does its job, and the institute of cardiology does its job. Each of us does what we need to do, and thus, we will be strong. We need to join our efforts to solve the issue of maintaining autonomy and leading a dignified life.

I want to congratulate and wish success to everyone once again.” 

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