11, 2022

President Vahagn Khachaturyan participated in the forum organized by the SDG Innovation Lab of the UN Development Programme in Armenia

President Vahgan Khachaturyan was present at the forum entitled “Innovation in Action: People First”, organized by the National Sustainable Development Goals Innovation Lab of the UN Development Programme in Armenia.

President Vahagn Khachaturyan welcomed the activities of the National Sustainable Development Goals Innovation Lab founded by the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the United Nations Development Programme and congratulated those present on the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the lab.

“When I was the Minister of High-Tech Industry of Armenia, I had a chance to visit the lab, get acquainted with its work and make sure that it’s one of the best examples. People working in this lab made it their mission to bring our citizens, our state closer to innovative solutions and their application. Busy with their daily work, people often forget or pay no heed to the fact that alongside the rapid changes in life, the introduction of innovative approaches and the need to apply them becomes much bigger.

The research that the lab carried out during the 5 years of its operation is essential and applicable in our lives,” said President Khachaturyan.

According to the President, it’s highly important to carry out detailed and thorough research before making decisions. “There are some cases, when decisions are made with no deep knowledge or any thorough study of the problems of the given field, without even studying or getting acquainted with statistical data. Later, after conducting research, it becomes clear that in many cases the decision simply doesn’t affect the society or is not applicable in the given case.

I find the working style of the lab particularly attractive, when they study the behavior of our citizens and the changes in their behavior when innovative approaches are provided. All this is done not only based on abstract or merely theoretical judgements, but on concrete studies. This is very important and teachable," said Vahagn Khachaturyan.

The President wished the lab fruitful work and innovative ideas and programs, especially in the field of digitalization. “Your approach concerning this field is very important. Without the development of digitalization, we can’t record new achievements," noted the President, wishing success to everyone.

Within the framework of the forum organized by the National Sustainable Development Goals Innovation Lab of the UN Development Programme, representatives of state, international and non-governmental organizations presented ideas and programs aimed at the continuous development and modernization of state institutions through discussions, exchange of knowledge and ideas. 

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