11, 2022

The newly appointed Ambassador of Uruguay Eduardo Rosenbrock Bidart presented his credentials to President Vahagn Khachaturyan

The newly appointed Ambassador of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay to Armenia Eduardo Rosenbrock Bidart presented his credentials to President Vahagn Khachaturyan.

Congratulating the first Resident Ambassador of Uruguay to Armenia, President Khachaturyan expressed hopes that the opening of the Embassy of Uruguay in Armenia and this appointment will give a new impetus to the development of Armenian-Uruguayan friendly relations.

Expressing his gratitude to the President for the reception, the newly appointed Ambassador noted that during his mission, he will make every effort to strengthen Armenian-Uruguayan economic and cultural relations and elevate the political dialogue between the countries to a new qualitative level.

During the meeting, the President touched on the best traditions of Armenian-Uruguayan relations, emphasizing that since the Soviet Union days, Uruguay has been very dear country to the Armenian society as the first state to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

In his speech, the President particularly noted: “I am sure that we’ll soon open our Embassy, too, which will truly be a new incentive for our relations. We will realize our opportunities even more, particularly in economic relations and why not, tourism and culture.”

During the meeting, Ambassador Eduardo Rosenbrock Bidart conveyed the greetings of President of Uruguay Luis Alberto Lacalle to the President of Armenia and noted that it is an honor for him to be the first Resident Ambassador of Uruguay in Armenia.

In his speech, the Ambassador particularly noted: “This is the first time that Uruguay has an official presence in Armenia, in spite of the fact that Uruguay has more than a hundred years of friendship with the Armenian government and the Armenian people, even though the Armenian community in Uruguay is not as large as that in the Republic of Argentina. Regardless of that, I should mention that the role of the Armenian community in Uruguay, which has a population of three and a half million, is very significant. It was the momentous commitment of the community to represent Armenia in Uruguay."

During the meeting, the President and the newly appointed Ambassador discussed a wide range of questions regarding the potentials of cooperation between Armenia and Uruguay in digitalization, high technologies and a number of other fields. The sides also touched upon the opportunity to open a TUMO center in Uruguay. At the end of the meeting, both sides attached importance to opening an Armenian embassy in Montevideo next year. 

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